♫♪  Zilla Rocca - “Welcome to New York City” (Zilla Rocca Remix)

Zilla Rocca’s got beats. Case in point: here, he gives the quintessential post-9/11 NYC anthem the Zilladelphia soul treatment and ends up out-blazing Jus Blaze’s original beat. It might just be an eight-bar loop with a few changes, but I’ll be damned if this sample doesn’t somehow suit Cam’ron’s vocals better than the version we all know and love. If you’re a club DJ, try throwing this on next time you’re out working. Only don’t blame us when the club goers tear the booth down, trying to find out what you just did. As a matter of fact, you might be best off hitting the crowd with a disclaimer first, like, “Attention all dancers and wallflowers, as much as I’d like to take credit for this next remix, it’s not mine. It’s actually on Zilla Rocca’s Anything I Touch I Bruise: 10 Years of Rap Remixes compilation. Please don’t kidnap me.” They still might, but at least you tried.

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