♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 104 - Easy Like Someday Morning

It’s all been said about spinning and drifting. “It’s all been done” was done before it even started being finished. And this armchair meta’s been beaten into the moldy cushions, and it’s likely that no one ever wanted it. Sincerity has become an affect — wait, no it hasn’t. You wanna know something? I believe every one of these songs, and moreover, I believe people will listen to them, relate, and feel good about it. We all speak the same language; we’re just stuck in a loveless marriage with ego (ours and everyone else’s) that is occasionally invigorating enough that it seems worth clinging to. Never mind that someone just wants to talk, just wants to feel moderately worthy. We have such riches to bestow with our mere attentions! But we hide our common language behind grasping, ego-based judgments of character. Like a lot of us out there, these songs might bring some love into your life if you give them a proper try. No one’s dead inside. Not truly. That’s just something people (and vampires, I bet) say. We’re just in need of a little sympathy. Well, here you go, sourpuss! Feel the wonderful stupid burn of smittendom. So much plainspoken taboo on this thing that I had to throw in a coupla grey-matter bogies. But this is some easygoing, sweet/sad soul of the blue-eyed variety, and some of us need to stop pretending it’s wrong.

Jeez… So bossy! I feel like General Elton John in “Sad Songs Say So Much,” barking orders at every passer by. But seriously guys, “TURN EM ON!” “TURN EM ON!!!”

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[00:15] Cibo Matto - “Check Out”
[02:42] Real Estate - “Primitive”
[06:34] Tara Jane O’Neil - “This Morning Glory”
[08:59] Mac DeMarco - “Let My Baby”
[12:32] Magic Eye - “Golden”
[15:35] The Savage Young Tater Bug - “Jacking Boy I Never Knew”
[17:33] Angel Olsen - “Iota”
[20:53] Pure X - “Valley of Tears”
[23:47] Dean Wareham - “Happy and Free”
[27:16] New Bums - “Black Bough”
[31:49] Amen Dunes - “Splits Are Parted”

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