♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 111 - Orientation In Space V (Hopscotch Day Party mix)

Last year, Kanye West asked “What you doin’ in the club on a Thursday?” This year, we have the answer: Orientation in Space V, a Hopscotch Music Festival day party scheduled for this Thursday, presented by Raleigh label DiggUp Tapes, art collective Apothecary, and high school newspaper/diecast model car distributor Tiny Mix Tapes. While Kanye is no longer performing due to having “no time, no interest,” we still have an incredible lineup of locals and non-locals assembling at Kings Barcade and Neptune’s Parlour in downtown Raleigh. It’s a free show too — thanks to sponsor Lonerider Brewing Company — so all you have to do is bring a clothed body (your own, please) and maybe some Claritin if your allergies start acting up. Wouldn’t want to sneeze during Lee Noble!

To get you in the mood, we’ve put together a mix tape, featuring one song from each performer. Listen, RSVP, and get oriented:

[00:00] Giant Claw - “DARK WEB 001”
[04:02] Nick James - “Ocean Vision”
[08:55] Paciens Trine - “TESL”
[13:55] Tokyo Hands - “Rainforests”
[17:20] Rene Hell - “Kalashnikov Uzi”
[21:19] Lee Noble - “Covers”
[24:47] Secret Boyfriend - “Beyond The Darkness”
[28:38] Chris Pantry - “ICON B (Piano Mix)”
[30:54] Aldi - “Down”
[35:00] Heads on Sticks - “I Can Get Back”
[39:49] Goblin Mold - “You’ve Got Nothing”
[44:04] Drag Sounds - “Impressive Babes (Twin Version)”

• DiggUpTapes: http://digguptapes.bandcamp.com
• Apothecary: http://ashevilleapothecary.info
• Lonerider Brewing Company: http://www.loneriderbeer.com
• Hopscotch Music Festival: http://hopscotchmusicfest.com

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