♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 118 - 二千八百八十2015(Mirror Mix)

C Monster: *[in:trash maxwell.d.allison@gmail.com]* lookin’ up your mix-list, papi ;)

Mukqs: heheh

C Monster: i like the grid of 二千八百八十2015(Mirror Mix). did this help you organize before or after?

Mukqs: before. i laid out the tracks in that structure, two-minutes each, and then recorded them to a cassette tape. so each channel of the cassette scrolls through about 11 songs; 44 songs in total, [though] some of them didn’t end up appearing in the final take, hence the ”——-“

C Monster: MYSTERY! we’ll never kno! Macula Dog, dawg? i took that post… sorta ;)

Mukqs: they’re one of my favorites right now. so inspiring

C Monster: what was the entire train of thought in 二千八百八十2015(Mirror Mix)?

Mukqs: well i’ve been experimenting with this rig of two loop pedals, processing various sound sources through them in live sessions and i just figured i’d try it with strictly 2015 material.

C Monster: did it feel like paradise, or… ?

Mukqs: kinda like paradise. like a creepy paradise… the actual performance is improvised, and the way i have the pedal chain set up makes it so I can’t hear the dry signal going into the mix, so the only thing i hear are the loops that I blindly make, and then I have to listen and respond to what shows up. any specific lyrics or riffs or melodies that show up are more or less plucked randomly from the cassette tape — not really curated or selected at all, beyond the initial placement of the tracks in the order on the tape. i think of it as a kind of chance operation. or some weird like tarot card reading in which the prophecy appears in the form of Rich Homie Quan’s voice or what have you. Future: definitely a prophet

C Monster: yeah, but… Future Brown. thoughts on them for a nickle? (DISCLAIMER: i will not be sending you a nickle)

Mukqs: i think that album is great. every time i listen to it, I get deeper into it. i like the variety and the uniformly PRO production. the track that features Sicko Mobb is my favorite

C Monster: you’re a fucking BABE. final question: what are your ideal setting(s) in which this mix should be listened?

Mukqs: hmm — i would say on headphones, very loud. the mix might be a little quiet overall due to the tape recording process.

C Monster: dawg, but what if my headphones are shit?? (fool u, THAT’s the final question)

Mukqs: dude, my headphones are shit too!!!

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