♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 122 - A FAREWELL TO SUMMER, AN ODE TO FALL

“But I hear sounds in my mind;
Brand new sounds in my mind”

– Lorde

When autumn comes, I bloom anew;
The Russian frost does wonders for my health;
Anew I fall in love with life’s routine:
Betimes I’m soothed by dreams, betimes by hunger caught;
The blood flows free and easy in my heart,
Abrim with passion; once again, I’m happy, young,
I’m full of life - such is my organism
(Excuse me for this awful prosaism)

– Alexander Pushkin

When autumn comes. City landscapes. Sidewalks, leaves and shit. Getting colder, breezy. Still hot some days. Subtle maneuvers. Drive at night. Turn the ignition, crack the windows. Stare at the glow of an iPhone. Connect to Bluetooth. Pull-up music, shuffle it. Shuffle all of it. Wait for songs — good ones, bad ones; like some, resent some. You know how it goes. Just listen. Accelerate. Brake. To travel is better than to arrive. Sit at a red light. It’s late. You share this four-lane road with no one. The moment feels limitless. Subtle maneuvers. Turn signal. On, off. Lights in the rearview. A rhythm surrounds you. Speed up. You realize you’re driving too slow. I hear sounds in my mind. A song stuck in your head. Not the one playing over your speakers, a different one. You long for it, long for that song to satisfy your hunger. But you can’t switch the one playing. Not always.

Think of seasons changing, people changing, growing. Excuse me for this awful prosaism. Summer days fade gray, fade into memory. It went by fast. Look back with fear and relish. Soothed by dreams. But I’ll be present — I always have been. The wreckage of past days sorted into neat boxes, pack them away, open them later, rearrange them into something they’re not. What’s it all for? Who is listening? Anew I fall in love. Subtle maneuvers. A soft breeze, a harbinger of the oncoming cold. You remember now — rays of sun cutting through water, through blades of grass. The immeasurable weight of balance, of time. It all takes time.

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[00:00] Lil B - “Wasup JoJo”
[02:46] Air Max ‘97 - “ALL THE THINGS U SAID (AM 97 RERUN)”
[05:50] KirbLaGoop - “My Lil Angel”
[07:44] 24hrs - “2 Much”
[10:08] Lorde - “Green Light”
[13:52] UMFANG - “Pop”
[05:50] Lady Starlight - “E2.2”
[20:02] Mark Templeton - “Cab Lights”
[22:40] Richard Dawson - “Weaver”
[28:20] Chief Keef - “Grab a Star”
[31:50] Chino Amobi - “THE FLOATING WORLD PT. 1”
[33:21] Future - “Might As Well”

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