♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 124 - Only Exit: Sinofutures Past

Cover still from DJ Furth's Beijing Subway

All that’s solid melts into bingo; the future’s already here and it’s distributed on WeChat.

2017 tunes from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Singapore 2065.

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[00:00] 蟑螂合唱團 IPIS - “忘了我是誰 (Sonia Calico Bootleg)”
[00:24] Hyph11e - “Unknown Number 未知”
[02:29] thruoutin - “Exploring the Interior 探索内部”
[03:45] Lujiachi - “竹林”
[08:54] David Boring - “Brian Emo”
[14:08] ST.OL.EN - “Copy Shop”
[18:02] 33EMYBW - “Medusa”
[20:56] Nang Band - “The Belt and Road, Sing Along”
[21:34] Damacha - “松松松松松”
[23:26] Howie Lee - “A Junkie’s Whispering”
[25:25] Lawrence Lek - “You Never Render The Same River Twice” + “Hui Neng”
[27:22] Sonia Calico - “Butterfly Spy”
[28:20] RMBit - “Enter the ether_p2”
[32:05] Faded Ghost - “The Tide”
[34:11] Chui Wan - “Sheep’s Shadow”

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