♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 48 - “Can I Get It In A Box?”

First time my pal Mickey listened to Lil B/The BasedGod, he told me he spit out his coffee at work. And I love it when P all dropping BasedWorld quotes on me midday random-style. Or trollin’ the way a young whodie should with br’ohs on the IntRAHnets. Yo, remember his 2xLP on Weird Forest? Now I’m getting “There are too many songs; I don’t know where to start.” So, maybe it’s the camaraderie I like. Maybe just because he’s folk. Neo-folk. #werrrrrrrrrrp

But I don’t believe in that shit. It comes down to the gravity of Lil B/The BasedGod. If one were to make a mix, sorting through all of Lil B’s/The BasedGod’s tracks, one could create their own character/theory/idea of who Lil B/The BasedGod represents to them. This mix is how Lil B/The BasedGod represents himself to me in 2012 (so far): a character built upon lies. It goes beyond lying to one’s self driving home or walking they’s dog; his constant self-doubt, belligerent machismo, and confused charm transform him into whatever he wants. Lil B/The BasedGod has found the end energy. This is pure. Complete and vast.

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[00:00] “Shooting Star” (Water Is D.m.g. Pt.1)
[02:50] “Lil B Speaks Out About Getting Sucker Punched And What Happened” (Blue Eyes)
[03:05] “When I Write” (Blue Eyes)
[07:11] “Whodie Whodie” (#1 Bitch)
[09:41] “Real Hip Hop 2012” (God’s Father)
[13:43] “BasedGod Fucked My Bitches” (White Flame)
[18:35] “Rare Lil B Age of Information UC Berkeley College Lecture About Lil B Topics and Music” (Blue Eyes)
[20:35] “I Aint Neva Won Remix” (The Basedprint 2)
[23:30] “Ski Mask Thuggin” (Trapped In Basedworld)
[25:49] “I’m Fabio” (White Flame)
[28:16] “Ima Eat Her Ass Based Freestyle” (#1 Bitch)
[33:05] “The BasedGods Layer” (God’s Father)

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