Chocolate Grinder Mix 49
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Hullo! I’m Strauss. Did you notice me yet? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. Anyway, I’m here, and as you may have noticed, we have started our weekly mix series again! Cool! Mixes! I hadn’t done one of these in a while, so please be kind and gentle. The mix will do you the favor of being kind and gentle in return. Except for track four. That’s the Sac. The Sac doesn’t care about me, you, or this mix. I put the Sac in there to keep you on your toes. Watch for it. Take a deep breath and just dive in. If you can get past the first 30 seconds, you’re golden. Actually, I kinda think you’ll like it.

Elsewhere, you’ll find current jams from the 2012 pool. The effort started out with a typically drippy hip-hop affair from Ohio’s Boy Fruit, and I worked forwards and backwards from there. Have you heard the sweetly melodic, buoyant blips from Jon Coyle (also of Philadelphia prog-pop outfit, Son Step)? Did you know about Discoverer’s supremely sexy lead track to his new drop on Digitalis? What about the Panabrite + Haiduks collab Soft Mirage, hm? Surely you’re hip to the Homotownrecord$$$ crew and white owl brown, no? No? Yes? Does it matter?

2012 has thus far offered mountains of amazing music, and this mix gave me a nice opportunity to include some of the deeper cuts I haven’t had a chance to properly share quite yet (and some that I have). The mix has really taken on a life of its own since I so lovingly spliced these nine tunes together, keeping me in good, friendly company on a fairly regular basis — bike rides to work, walks around the park, weekend afternoon lounge-sesh’s, and the like. We’ve become best friends actually. Ice cream dates, up-all-night truth-or-dare games, cribbage… it’s been fun. We hang out all’a time, and here’s hoping it’ll hang out and be your pal too.

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[00:00] Bastian Void - “Canopy Process”
[02:02] Discoverer - “Circular Motherboard”
[06:04] Thug Entrancer - “Tight Lean (Iuengliss Remix)”
[09:29] DJ Embryonic Petit(e) Sac ft. Durty Dawg eF
[14:03] Boy Fruit - “I’ve Come to the Realization”
[16:39] Miró Belle - “Visions of Eclairs”
[18:33] Jon Coyle - “Hear Myself”
[22:28] white owl brown - “brownout”
[25:30] Soft Mirage - “Courtyards of Atlantis”

[Photo by Jamie Bryant]

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