♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 54 - SUMMER BLUNTED

You wait for your mom’s minivan to pull up in the parking lot. Your chapped lips and sunburned eyes match your crimson toasted nose and cheeks. Your hair solidified in sand-crusted curls: A long day at the beach. You think you’re really getting good at boogie boarding. You can’t wait to tell your mom about the huge wave you caught, but you know she will be pissed when she sees your sunburn. The joys and pains of SUMMER: sandy bedsheets and freezing cold aloe vera.

The other day, I saw a group of kids who were clearly part of a summer camp and had just visited the beach. They seemed completely drained of all energy as they walked back to the van; dazed with pink cheeks, they were jaded by summertime freedom. I realized then that in childhood, summertime is magic. In adulthood, after we’ve graduated and drudged into the real world, summer is just another season — often one that can be miserably hot and humid. This mix is to remind us of the magic of summer, and that even as adults we can revel in the heat of the season.

Another good thing about being adults is that we can responsibly consume moderate amounts of slightly illegal substances and listen to abstract, convoluted, screwed-up hip-hop and not get in trouble for it — BLUNTED. That’s also what this mix is about. I’ve selected a handful of my favorite super-fresh beats, entwined with sunny guitars, tribal drums, and creepy cinematic orchestrations to create a steamy soundtrack to these hazy, sweaty August days.

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[00:00] Monster Rally - “Waltz”
[00:58] Diamond Terrifier - “Define The Style”
[01:46] QuentinBrooks - “THANKS BILLIE”
[02:46] Arca - “2 Blunted”
[04:32] knxwledge - “ami[werthit]”
[04:45] MJ Linckoln - “Call It”
[06:20] Raymond Scottwalker and Vicktor Vibes - “DAT”
[07:02] Exaveyur - “Goth Party”
[08:54] aaronmaxwell - “DIREDOCKS”
[09:47] Alexandre Navarro - “Universes”
[10:20] Lazy Arrows - “Hovomantsina”
[13:30] chushi - “V026”
[14:10] Warm Thighs - “Coral Reef”
[15:05] Lasership Stereo - “Circuit Heroes”
[16:32] Mirror to Mirror - “Burning Life”
[18:03] VΞRACOM - “The Weeknd - The Morning”
[21:14] Time Wharp - “しばらく待ってください”

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