Chocolate Grinder Mix 56
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How does a musician create soul on an entirely digital platform? Maybe manipulate female vocals to such a twitchy or distorted point that it begins to rub off as some sort of virtual emotion. Maybe that’s my focus here. Maybe the future is losing concept of reality, gaining more of a virtual audience. Imagine the arms of statue Venus de Milo. In what cavernous underground tomb does that rubble lie? Think of all the matriarchies left to burn because of the plight of violence over voice. What does birth look like as the baby? You don’t remember being there at life. Think about a body shutting down a rape pregnancy. All the “shh” you mimicked and implied to her. Trying to say anything about [it] only suggests the presence of a topic that maybe or may not need to exist. The devil is in the details. Even subjecting a listener to a mix makes me a monster. Maybe. Repeat yourself, I didn’t want to hear what you’re about to say.

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[00:00] Onra - “Opium Delirium”
[01:25] Azealia Banks - “FANTASEA”
[04:01] Jam City - “Her”
[06:29] TNGHT - “Higher Ground”
[09:31] Slava - “I’ve Got Feelings Too”
[11:45] Evian Christ - “Horses in Motor”
[15:06] Ital - “Doesn’t Matter (If You Love Him)”
[20:51] Mediafired - “Pixies”
[22:44] Mark Van Hoen - “Holy Me”
[24:30] Brogan Bentley - “Ask When I’m Night”

Chocolate Grinder

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