♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 60 - Slick black Range Rover, Red Bull margaritas

No theme this time around, just some really fantastic tracks that I’ve been into over the past several weeks. The mix was initially themed around minimal electronic hip-hop-esque numbers like “The Nite Life” (Jam City) and “Ass Swung Low” (Arca), but these tracks begged to be surrounded by unlike-minded songs for contrast, so I figured why not. Aside from finding gems from artists who don’t typically adopt the aesthetic you’ll hear here (PIZZAFACEDGOD, chushi), I’ve also been looking to see where this whole “vaporwave”/computer gaze-y stuff is going. If the tracks by coolmemoryz and Sacred Tapestry (a.k.a. 情報デスクVIRTUAL) are any indication, it’s somewhere less cynical and more transcendent than before. The rest consists of harsh modernism (Rene Hell), in-the-red hip-hop (Mykki Blanco), a Chocolate Grinder mix artist staple (ahnnu), and my favorite song of the moment/in the universe (“EXECUTION” by 18+).

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[00:00] 18+ - “EXECUTION”
[01:58] Mykki Blanco - “Join My Militia (Nas Gave Me A Perm)”
[05:50] ahnnu - “o”
[08:39] coolmemoryz - “真夜中のJAZZ滑らかな心”
[17:17] chushi - “Aarp”
[18:01] Jam City - “The Nite Life” [feat. Main Attrakionz]
[22:27] Rene Hell - “Meta Concrete”
[26:32] Arca - “Ass Swung Low”
[29:52] PIZZAFACEDGOD - “4ever yung”
[32:43] Sacred Tapestry - “LD・VHD”

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