♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 65 - Dead Man’s Party

“Waiting for an invitation to arrive,
Going to a party where no one’s still alive”

– Danny Elfman, “Dead Man’s Party”

“This is the greatest song in the history of mankind,”
– My dad when he first introduced me to Oingo Boingo’s “Dead Man’s Party”

For some reason, whenever I think about Halloween, I think about Oingo Boingo. Maybe it’s because Danny Elfman (frontman of Oingo Boingo) created the score to Nightmare Before Christmas (and just about every Burton film), which is the ultimate Halloween soundtrack. Or maybe it’s because Oingo Boingo’s arguably most famous cut, “Dead Man’s Party,” is all about death and skeletons and stuff, and can sometimes even be heard on classic rock stations around the haunted holiday. Either way, it doesn’t really matter. What also doesn’t matter is that I love Oingo Boingo. When I was in sixth grade or so, my dad got me a best-of Oingo Boingo CD, which joined Astrolounge to begin my beloved collection of recorded music. While Boingo may serve as the gateway to an embarrassingly serious ska phase back in eighth grade, they were one of the first bands to make me listen to music meticulously; I would listen to Only A Lad, Dead Man’s Party, and Good For Your Soul repeatedly, challenging myself to listen to single instruments throughout the entire song. Oingo Boingo’s extensive instrumentation and top-notch musicianship blew my little preteen mind. Now I write about obscure electronic music and Oingo Boingo kinda sounds annoying as fuck, but I just wanted to express my appreciation for Danny Elfman and his weirdo big-band in honor of the upcoming holiday.

Don’t worry, there is no Boingo in the mix. In fact, the mix isn’t even all that Halloween-y sounding, until I added some sounds from Ultimate Scary Songs and Sounds for your Halloween Bash!!! *maniacal laughter* That’s right! You better watch your back; I think I hear footsteps. *spooky ghost noises*

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[00:00] Ultimate Scary Sounds and Songs for Your Halloween Bash
[00:22] Kane Ikin - “Ebbing”
[01:54] bittertv - “zen-racing (ritual teaser)”
[04:00] Mood Tattooed - “Honey Shade”
[04:56] WARM THIGHS - “VODKA 8”
[06:39] Altar Eagle - “Fledgling”
[10:45] Infinity Frequencies - “Those Eyes”
[12:08] INTERNET CLUB - “(魔术)”
[13:53] YYU - “MOVE(know)”
[15:29] Afrika Pseudobrutisimus - “2013”
[17:53] Hanetration - “Jurassic”
[24:52] Amun Dragoon - “FANTASY BREEZE”
[25:41] Greeen Linez - “Fantasy Glide”
[28:40] cakedog - “fuk da game”
[30:35] Diskette Romances - “Champagne in Hong Kong”
[31:55] Karriem Riggins - “Ooooooooaaaaaaa”
[32:33] Martin Eden - “Vlad”

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