Chocolate Grinder Mix 73
Love Divine

The sweet wine of love is but a dream,
And yet I yearn for more,
The pocket of the heart contains the key,
That turns the tavern door;
More and more, and more

Come in,
I heard a voice from inside,
Drink wine,
Love divine,
Be blind,
To yourself.

– Robbie Basho, “The Wine Song”

P.S. This mix has absolutely nothing to do with Robbie Basho.
P.S.S. Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, readers! Get some.

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[00:00] FUTURE FACES - “エロボディ(PORN GROOVE)”
[01:01] Public Spreads The News & Show Your Teeth - “Tayondis”
[03:38] Lossmaker - “EarlymorningRobotech”
[04:47] Amun Dragoon - “Angel’s Egg”
[07:15] Le1f - “Breezy” (produced by Neuport)
[09:57] Linckoln Public Library - “Hollywood Montrose”
[10:48] Esprit 空想 - “bumnote”
[12:24] SAINT PEPSI - “Nova”
[14:14] Mensa Group International - “Atta”
[16:33] Andrew Chalk - “Ukibashi”
[18:12] Jack Dice - “Mister Frosty”
[21:59] RYZHKND - “” ❤ “”
[23:20] Locust - “Oh Yeah”
[25:40] ventla - “naruse”

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