♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 77 - Little April Shower

For the first time in my life, I am living in a place where the changing of seasons also means a change in the weather — a change in the color of the trees, a change in the smell of the air. You see, I grew up and went to college in a place where the only indicator of springtime was a trip to Rite Aid for some Claritin. Now, I watch the city parks and distant islands beam bright green, and witness fluorescent leaves budding inches away from my apartment window. Oh, and it’s raining. It’s just like that one scene from Bambi with the thunderstorm, but it lasts longer, and it’s really more of a constant drizzle. In fact, that scene from Bambi is the whole inspiration for this mix. The brain-numbingly nostalgic “Little April Shower” starts the mix off like a lamb, and you’ll just have to listen to find out what it turns into.

Oh, and have a happy 4/20 weekend readers. Stay high, stay dry.

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[00:00] Chorus from Bambi OST - “Little April Shower” [excerpt]
[00:50] Rice Master Yen - “Hollay”
[02:35] Oh No - “Perfect Cylinders”
[02:50] Liz Christine - “Two Seconds”
[03:58] ECO VIRTUAL - “Morning Haze”
[04:46] “Little April Shower” [excerpt]
[05:11] Dil Withers - “Hi-Fi”
[06:02] Lalic - “Shelter/Sanctuary”
[07:35] Dane Chadwick - “Gas Drugs”
[09:20] “Little April Shower” [excerpt]
[10:04] Constrobuz - “Leaving Earth”
[12:23] Yong Yong - “Leggings”
[13:37] Triad God - “Bland Day Tumm My Tung Joe Ter Ruler”
[16:04] Ohbliv - “Skycavern (Outro)”
[17:13] 회사AUTO – “scr๏๏ge [chopped & screwed]”
[19:16] Weak Stream - “As Aqua Fauna’s Sanitation”
[20:06] Infinity Frequencies - “Stars”
[20:57] Electric Sea Spider - “Honey Spoon”

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