Chocolate Grinder Mix 81
Summer Sof’Serve with Strauss

Dear Chocolate Grinder,

Strauss here, writing from Camp Cerberus. How are you? I am fine. I know, I know, I’m sorry that I haven’t been in very good touch lately. But it looks like you’ve been busy! Say hi to the old gang for me, C Monster, m-rubz, Mukqs, Ross Devlin, Mr P of course… you guys are doing a great job without me. I miss you. But Camp Cerberus has been great! My counselor is telling me that we’re doing a pretty good job over here, although we could (and should!) be doing more. I know they are just nurturing us and all. It’s pretty cool… they really believe in us.

Enclosed you’ll find some samples of what I’ve been up to while I’ve been gone. Some stuff I got hip to from my fellow Cerberus campers, while others are just things I’ve been stashing away for this care package to you. Just a little mix of summer softies, not a sharp corner to be found. Think of me when you play it, during those sweaty swelters or cool rainy evenings… think of me. I’ll be thinking of you too.


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[00:00] Alex Donley - “Free of the Cycle”
[03:40] Homeshake - “Haters”
[06:55] Thoughts on Air - “Glory Skies (Those Eyes)”
[13:21] David Grubbs - “Second Salutation”
[15:14] Smalts - “Al Zijn de Rozen Niet Aaneen Geregen”
[18:14] Bird Names - “The Questioner Appeared Again Today”
[21:24] The Dream Supreme - “Home is Where You Brave it”

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