♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 84 - Guitar Veshch

Even though the TR-808 drum machine has gradually been squeezing its way into the top slot on Earth’s favorite musical instruments list for the past 20 years or so, the guitar has been the world’s most coveted instrument for much longer. From intimate acoustic campfire performances to outrageously distorted heavy metal shredding, the guitar can play any role to fit any occasion.

This mix exhibits the omnipresent influence of the guitar. Whether it’s sampled (Infinity Frequencies, ZOUK), recycled (NYKDLN), refurbished (Calypsomall, Weather Channel), rearranged (The Focus Group, ASTRO ZWO), acoustic (DEEP MAGIC, LAKE R▲DIO), electric (Alexandre Navarro, Hleger), or just plain groovy (Beat Detectives), some form of guitar graces each one of these savory slices of experimental music. Enjoy!

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[00:00] DEEP MAGIC - “Only Me”
[01:41] NYKDLN - “VTMS2”
[04:13] Weather Channel - “$Reboot”
[05:31] Alexandre Navarro - “traverser les miroirs”
[07:27] LAKE R▲DIO - “Bleeding Thumb”
[09:03] ZOUK - “DOSED (feat. BOY FROOT & KEIKI)”
[11:18] The Focus Group - “tigt gruffil”
[12:30] ASTRO ZWO - “Deine Schönen Arme”
[14:42] Calypsomall - “$hopping $pree”
[16:26] Beat Detectives - “No Matter How Hard I Try”
[17:26] Public Spreads the News - “jive in”
[19:03] Infinity Frequencies - “Wisdom”
[20:07] Hleger - “Motivational Elevator Music”

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