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As y’all may have noticed, TMT has been trying to publish Guest Mixes more frequently, including Choco’s most recent mixes from Strategy and GAHM. The excitement in these mixes is all about two things, I believe: (1) hearing the influential sounds these musicians draw from, and (2) how these musicians produce ventures into the mind space of transitional and complementary mixing. Strategy was straight-up for the beat. GAHM involved the dilapidation of a warped mind. Christina Vantzou’s CV is peacefully bent on a consistently-used minor scale that provides a Tuesday adventure like none other.

In celebration of last October’s N°3 on Kranky, Christina Vantzou drops CV filled with similar and conflicting sounds to her works. However, the brooding, slightly jilted appeal is strewn throughout, brandishing that dark flavor of humanity that Vantzou’s aesthetics tend to entwine within itself. But don’t let me keep telling you how to think of CV! Listen for yourself.

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01. Lena Platanos “Shadow Blood” 0:00 - 6:01
02. Akis “Space Time and Beyond” 6:01 - 12:52
03. White Rainbow “DX Clouds” 12:52 - 20:17
04. Michael Stearns “Distant Thunder: Solitary Witness” 20:17 - 23:45
05. Seabat “Aphaea’s Sanctuary” 23:45 - 30:57
06. Sonic Youth “I Dreamed I Dream” 30:57 - 36:03
07. Pauline Anna Strom “Emerald Pool” 36:03 - 38:59
08. Vidna Obmana “The Angelic Appearance” 38:59 - 43:18
09. Michael Stearns “Labyrinth” 43:18 - 47:54
10. Meredith Monk “Dolmen Music” excerpt / crossfade to Joel Vandroogenboeck 47:54 - 49:15
11. Joel Vandroogenboeck “Meditations Vol.2” Side B Meditative Contemplation excerpts 49:15 - 50:55
12. Steven Halpern “Crystal Bowl Healing” - 50:55 - 57:45

“Egyptian Blue
“Crystal Chalice”
“Crystal Angels”
“Time Being II”

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