CINDYS TAPES is a relatively newish record label from jolly old France. They’ve been on my radar since their first tape, and with each subsequent release, they have only furthered their fine curation of underground beat/collage producers with limited runs of cassettes and ultra-modern digital options. And yes, while another label focusing on beat-tapes may sound trite, CINDYS TAPES have something truly special going on. Trust me on that.

Upon request, the boys divvied up an exquisite mix of nuanced slappers and bangers alike, all for your unique listening pleasure. Featuring a few CINDYS TAPES alumni, as well as various other underground/above-ground heads, seep right into its noddy comfort and zone on out.

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[00:00] Brrd - “Bienvenido”
[00:54] サイバー ‘98 - “erreur irrécupérable (素晴らしい庭)”
[03:10] Strange Vice - “Juno”
[04:32] François Bayle - “Rien n’est réel… sensations - 2”
[04:58] Sela - “To Scrutinize The Heart”
[07:00] Sharp Veins - “Southern Fogs”
[08:14] Sela. x Infinity Frequencies - “Inevitable - 12 call me”
[11:40] The Internet - “Special Affair”
[14:30] Dj Sacred — “Its Tha Bump”
[16:50] Samiyam - “Teebs Gets Angry”
[18:56] Big budha cheez - “BB.B (feat Jazzy Bazz)”
[21:59] Jota Ese - “Blue Ign, pt 2”
[23:47] Creme - “Laser Sally Down”
[25:08] Antipop Consortium - “We Kill Soap Scum”
[28:00] Glia - “micrudrift”
[28:38] Max Ox - “Wibit”
[30:07] Kodàtsuke - “Overflashed (flacts)”
[31:15] Casting - “Yeasayer”
[33:50] Vector Graphics - “Drapes”
[35:02] Chambry - “I Fear Your Love”
[36:10] Ahnnu - “When I Met Her”
[37:32] Nipples Tapes - “Sur”
[39:05] Mgrkp - “Intermezzo”
[40:13] Cmrmn - “Last Step”

In less urgent news, later this month, CINDYS TAPES will be releasing their ninth cassette, including VHS copies, of a brand new visual album by label co-head Chambry. So keep them peepers peeled for that gem.

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