One of the remaining member of defunct Savyolovskiy Street Crew in Moscow still living and participating in the community around Savyolovskiy, DJ Svyatopolk recently popped back up on the Hard Vapour Resistance Front with SAVYOLOSKY PASSAGE. In addition to the EP, DJ Svyatopolk has stitched together an hour and a half of unknown and underground Russian and Moscow artists including Savyoloskiy Street Crew members Холодный Цельси, Seratonov, Kush Response and DJ Rurik. It’s easily immersive and physically taxing in an absolutely incredible way.

From the artist: “I have made the mix thinking of times when you have been out yesterday and wake up when it is already dark and have a ticket for more dancing today. When the energy is up and down inside and you have anxiety when you make walk to the party. It feels strange but soon you do more dancing because gabba is a love. When I leave in the morning, Savyolvsky area is always changing with new buildings and roads. I hear the construction and birds and see the old people taking morning walks.”

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[00:00] Julius Meytuss - Dnieprostroi, The Dnieper Hydro-Electric Power Station (1930)
[00:15] Leonid M Zhest’ - Empty City
[00:30] Roman Jakobson Reads Velimir Khlebnikov - Incantation By Laughter
[00:45] Mr Dee - Planeta A1
[01:00] Vik The Vampire - Diablera (12-12 dirty mix)
[02:00] Microbit Project - HINchisty
[03:45] Random Insanity - 1
[04:00] Anatoli Lunacharsky - На народного образования
[07:00] Unknown Artist - Erased
[10:00] Ibn 4Qma - No As No
[12:30] Dr BraXo - AmbTrainTheme
[13:30] Unknown Artist - Breakbeat Theme (Piano)
[16:00] Unknown Artist - Paranoic Partytime
[17:00] Дмитрий Нестеров - Не жалею, не зову, не плачу (ambient version)
[17:15] K-Inika - 2105y
[19:30] Int.Elect.Sound - Empire
[20:00] Fluoro Space - ICT O’Doken (SpaceBeat Remix)
[22:00] Dыm’ok! - Death Valley
[23:15] Маша XII - С мыслями
[24:00] D-Lity - Hypnotize Shining
[24:30] Glance Of Moon - white noise 512 p sinc ВАРИАНТ 1
[25:00] J Gabbersha - Klinischer Tod (melody)
[26:00] Amfitaminov - Federal Drug Control Service (танцевальная версия)
[33:45] Master Of Popets - Belong Years
[35:30] Crabz - Fish Say (For Sky)
[37:00] Varan 48 - Mad Rusel
[40:30] OKCID - Tribute To White Noise
[43:30] Esthetic Silence - Out of Line
[45:00] CJ Acid Virus - I Still Mad Raver
[47:00] Architektor Maran - Professional Suicider
[48:30] Unknown Artist - Vodka Trash
[50:15] Non Perfectvm - A.F.B.S.C.D.B. Story
[51:30] Moscore Industry - Boris The Razor
[54:00] Холодный Цельси - Поддержка гендерного равенства
[56:00] Abzsac - Synthetic Soul
[57:00] Distortedlysh - Fr3nch
[58:30] Gnomcorps - Death Of Jumper
[60:30] Zeboid - U R Burned
[61:00] Bendertek - Fuck Happytek
[61:30] J Gabbersha - Orphism
[63:00] Seratonov - I’m Not A Terrorist
[65:30] Kush Response - Vera
[69:30] DJ Rurik - Kalamity
[72:13] DJ Svyatopolk - Pattern Extraction
[79:00] X3N0SyS - Древний Вирус
[79:30] вБЕНЗИНЕестьОБЛАКА - про андрея (J-Exa version)
[81:00] Evil City VS Велемир Хлебников - Пелись губы (Noiseпоэziя)
[82:30] Unknown Artist - Таинство востока 2012
[83:45] Nerv’OZ - Звук (live)
[84:30] Грибной Дождь - Дайте горячую воду
[85:00] Varan 48 - Casket With Demons
[87:00] Borodin - String Quartet No. 2 in A major - III. Nocturne Andante

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