♫♪  Guest Mix: Forma - Interspecies Smalltalk

Photo: Lena Shkoda

Spectrum Spools vets Forma are on edge, giddy to share the follow-up to their wormhole extravaganza, 2012 sophomore album Off / On. Out today, Physicalist is their first release through Kranky, and they are celebrating with Interspecies Smalltalk: an-hour long mix of critter whispers, backwoods backtalk, and hot treetop gossip.

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[00:00] David Behrman - “Interspecies Smalltalk] Part 1”
[03:38] Human Head Transplant - “Beyond Time”
[06:02] Ingram Marshall - “Gradual Requiem] Part 3”
[11:22] John Chowning - “Stria (Excerpt)”
[12:18] Gene Estribou & Jean Paul Pickens - “Eeee Minor”
[16:18] Synergy - “Computer Experiments] Artificial Inteligence (Excerpt)”
[20:10] La Monte Young - “Sarabande”
[21:30] Laraaji - “Meditation #2 (Excerpt)”
[23:38] Ketawang - “Puspawarna (Excerpt)”
[23:58] Philip Glass - “Music In Twelve Parts] Part 11 (Excerpt)”
[27:06] Sussan Deyhim & Richard Horowitz - “Ishtar”
[30:50] Harold Budd - “Juno”
[34:14] Charles Dodge - “Earth’s Magnetic Field (Excerpt)”
[38:08] Futuro Antico - “Piano Synth”
[42:38] Watazum Doso - “Sanya”
[44:50] Randy Greif - “Rusted Sorrow Of The Old Crane”
[48:14] Glenn Branca - “The Ascension”

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