Guest Mix: Lockbox

Lockbox is the project of young producer Jesse Briata, born in Italy only 18 years ago. The first Lockbox release was entitled Broadleaf, released when Jesse was 15, a collection of downtempo tropical hip-hop released on the now-defunct Fog Rattle label. In the past three years, his sound has evolved to encompass the entire breadth of post-internet beat culture, all glued together with a uniquely itchy, hyperactive sensibility that ensures Lockbox will never become ensnared in trap or fall asleep in the vaporwave waiting room. Grin is the name given to this breathless mix produced by Lockbox exclusively for TMT. Across 32 minutes, Jesse includes a generous overview of his recent past, a well-timed Daft Punk remix, and a handful of tracks from like-minded SoundCloud-based producers. Get happy, and look out for his forthcoming EP, Prince Soul Grenade.

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[00:00] Lockbox - “Frost Chop”
[01:53] Lockbox - “Go For It”
[03:06] Daft Punk - “I Need You More (Lockbox Remix)”
[04:03] GoldRush - “Finally on the Fritz “
[04:56] Lockbox - “Ghost Forest”
[05:45] Taste Tester - “So Good”
[06:15] Lockbox - “Hey Yo Cool”
[07:16] Lockbox - “Brainhead2”
[10:27] Corn Cat - “Catnap”
[11:05] Lockbox - “Maximum Kiss”
[17:47] Lockbox - “Yung Lil”
[20:12] Lockbox - “Boi”
[21:38] Lockbox - “Daze Otik’s Eye Laser”
[22:33] Lockbox - “Kota Kinabalu”
[26:10] Sumguh - “Rodney’s Magic Flip”
[27:48] Lockbox - “Shuttle”
[29:00] Lockbox - “Rodney King Robot”

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