♫♪  Guest Mix: Macula Dog - Winter Mix

Macula Dog, the puzzling twosome who released one of our favorite videos of last year, were kind enough to reply to the carrier pigeon I sent them a while back. In it, I asked if they’d be interested in creating a mix for us here at TMT, amongst other lesser, more carpet-centric questions. Their response? Oh buddy, just wait until you hear it.

Strapped to the back of the sturdiest pigeon they could find, the duo sent over a bananas mix, providing some insight as to why they make the music they make, as well as a short response: “eat shit”. Full of stylistic predecessors as well as some oddball choices, “Winter Mix” is the amazing and confusing hour and a half soundtrack to your extended lunch on this Tuesday afternoon. Plus, Laura Nyro… <3

Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

Gong - “Sold to the Highest Buddha”
T. Rex - “Sound Pit”
Peter Ivers - “Terminal Love”
Ricky Wilde - “The Hertfordshire Rock”
Todd Rundgren - “Long Flowing Robe”
Kiss - “Deuce”
Moebius & Plank - “Conditionierer”
Laura Nyro - “Poverty Train”
Kate Bush - “The Saxaphone Song”
Peter Gabriel - “And Through The Wire”
A. K. Klosowski / Pyrolator - “Hammond”
Wire - “Cheeking Tongues”
Lady Bee (aka Skinny Pimp) - “Smile In Your Face”
D Sparks - “Weird Voices”
Mc Marcelly [Dj Gordinho] - “Levanta a mão pro alto e faz o coraçãozinho”
Mc Kelly Palhacinha - “Duelo do Quadradinho”
Julie Harrison and Carol Parkinson - “Transmigration”
Robert Ashley - “In Sara, Mencken, Christ And Beethoven There Were Men And Women (Excerpt)”
Charles Amirkhanian - “Maroa”
Caroliner Rainbow - “Burdensome Blood”
Rick Weaver - “Farm To Mouth”
Russian Tsarlag - “Special Leg”
Eddy Detroit - “I Am Pazuzu”
Gary Wilson - “I Know What It’s Like To Be Alone In A Small Town”
Carola B. Anderson - “Shibboleth”
The Tahitian Choir - “Morotiri Nei”
Su Tissue - “2nd Movement”

The tracklisting is actually too full - not all these songs are in the mix. The order is also not right - not only because of missing tracks but because the order is different. Send an email to Cynthia with the subject line “TMT Macula Dog Winter Mix” if you’re confused or want a song for yourself: haordrecords@gmail.com. Thanks Bort & TinyMT team. Enjoy.

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