♫♪  Guest Mix: Mark Templeton - an extension of the eye

It’s my pleasure to present an extension of the eye, a brand new mix by Mark Templeton.

Based upon the Canadian sound artist’s recent collab exploits, an extension of the eye is a detailed and brooding piece that demonstrates an echo-riddled pallet of fumbling electro-acoustica, as well as an epilogue to his most recent album, Jealous Heart, which landed a well-earned place on our Favorite Albums of the Year (So Far).

Mr. Templeton shared the following about his intended angle:

My mix is based on acts of collaboration. It highlights some of the work by artists who have influenced me as I’ve listened to their ideas in a different context. A number of the artists featured on the mix are friends of mine (or friends of friends), so I’ve been introduced to their works over the years.

I thought this was a fitting theme because over the past year I’ve worked on a couple of large collaborative projects. They involved working with other musicians, such as Nicola Ratti, but also artists from various mediums such as photography and film. Collaboration is always difficult, but it’s necessary for growth. To place the project above oneself requires humility, something that’s difficult for any artist.

Currently, I’m working with filmmaker Kyle Armstrong on an audiovisual release entitled “EXTENSIONS” (the project is loosely tied to some of the ideas of media educator Marshal McLuhan). I’ve included three unfinished portions of my audio experiments in the mix.

For “EXTENSIONS,” Kyle and I are both taking something that already exists. We wanted to reshape and remould our sources to communicate something new. We’ve been working with sampled material, which places the emphasis on the medium, rather than the source. I like working with artists from other mediums, because I enjoy seeing how they see and hear my work… the colours, textures and shapes that they see are fascinating to me and act as an extension of my work. The same can be said about how the visual elements affect what I choose to communicate through sound.

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[00:00] Tumble - “Track 03” (Tumble for Tumbling, Die Schachtel)
[00:36] Bellows - “Track 01” (Reelin’, Entr’acte)
[04:38] Jon Hassell & Brian Eno - “Rising Thermal 14 16’ N; 32 28’ E” (Fourth World, Vol 1 - Possible Musics, Virgin)
[07:20] Mark Templeton (audio) & Kyle Armstrong (visual) - “Untitled1” (Extensions, Tbd)
[07:51] Ursula Bogner - “Begleitung Fur Tuba” (Recordings 1969 - 1988, Faitiche)
[10:10] Mark Templeton & Kyle Armstrong - “Untitled2” (Extensions, Tbd)
[10:36] Giuseppe Ielasi & Andrew Pekler - “01” (Holiday for Sampler, Planam)
[13:12] Malatesta Wolfarth - “Track 06” (Mirrors, Presto!?)
[14:39] Martin Siewert/Martin Brandlmayr - “Is This Love?” (Too Beautiful to Burn, Erstwhile)
[20:31] Fenn O’berg - “Horst Ind Snail Mit Markus” (Magic & Return, Mego)
[20:45] Mark Templeton & Kyle Armstrong - “Untitled3” (Extensions, Tbd)

• Mark Templeton: http://www.fieldsawake.com
• Under the Spire: http://www.underthespire.co.uk

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