Guest Mix: Orphan Swords
Outsourcing in a Brave New World

Photo: Inkeri Harri

Orphan Swords, a SHAPE-affiliated duo based in Brussels, have been making a name for themselves with their scorching brand of techno- and industrial-influenced electronic music, spread over the last few years across a handful of 12-inches, CD-Rs, and cassettes. According to the group, their new album, WEEHAWKEN, is inspired by “demonology and the world of finance,” and it’s composed of tracks both old and new for Glasgow’s Clan Destine label. It’s heavy, fiery music, hypnotic and drifting and abrasive.

The duo has kindly shared a guest mix with us called Outsourcing in a Brave New World, which pulls together tracks from artists as varied as a COH, Wreck & Reference, Matmos, and Death in June. Listen to it below.

And if you’re in Bucharest, be sure to check out their show September 17 at a SHAPE event organized by the Rokolectiv festival.

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- Wreck & Reference - “Corpse Museum” (The Flenser)
- ÈLG - “Mauve Zone [A side excerpt]” (Nashazphone)
- Zavoloka - “Syla” (Kvitnu)
- Sturqen - “Coronel” (Kvitnu)
- Matmos - “Ultimate Care II Excerpt Nine” (Thrill Jockey)
- Rebolledo - “Life Is Strange, Life Is Hard, Life Is Great” (Hippie Dance)
- Zavoloka - “Splendent Viscid Fluid” (Kvitnu)
- COH - “Vivid” (Editions Mego)
- SPK - “Slogun” (Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien)
- Death In June - “Power Has A Fragrance” (NER)
- Chainless - “Artifacts” (Cohort Recordings)
- Crim3s - “Militia” (self-released)
- The Body - “Two Snakes” (Thrill Jockey)
- Z’ev - “Act Two - “Shakedrum” (Soleilmoon)

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