♫♪  Guest Mix: Treasure Hunt - PON STOP NOP

Let’s just cut to the chase: NOP = not popular pop. Coined by Myles Dunhill (a.k.a. Treasure Hunt, a.k.a. A. G. Kush) and his Spanish pal, Erik, NOP is pretty much the definition of Myles’ label, Pedicure Records. Not only did Pedicure Records make TMT’s top 2015 labels list, but they’ve released some of the more forward thinking, satirical, future-driven, back-asswards music, both in light of recent PC Music explosion and generally just having fucking fun. Aye, you wanna have fun? It’s Thursday night and like 9:30. No drugs? No booze? No sugar? No sex? Maybe some of those? Maybe all? PON STOP NOP is here to give you a Thursday night and/or Friday morning that may just change your life. Get an ear pierced. Find a new jorb. Shave your head. Adopt a dog. Be a beer. Create movement. Become!

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• 20th Century Fox Logo from Alien 3 (Treasure Hunt ‘Fuck-Up’ Edit)
• Chindamo + Stone - Tesla (Treasure Hunt ‘Pitch-Slap’ Edit)
• Nicolas Jaar - Three Windows (Treasure Hunt ‘Slow Melt’ Edit)
• La STPO & VDO - Audio Track 4 (unreleased)
• John Oswald - Untitled Track 8 from Kissing Jesus in the Dark
• Nomak - KoreanBBQ (Treasure Hunt’s ‘Performance-Enhancing’ Edit)
• RADICALEDWARD - RadicalSaki [RADICALEDWARD x Negrosaki] PTA Meeting
• DJ Warlord - Donae’o (Treasure Hunt’s ‘Artificially Sweetened’ Mix)
• Brandy - I Wanna Be Down (Ben Jackson Remix)
• Negativland - OJ And His Personal Trainer Kill Ron And Nicole
• Lil $ega - ★ミ Smile
• wifislilangel - Candy Kisses
• popcorn_10 - dennis
• A. G. Kush - Kush Your Eyes

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