Guest Mix: Virtual Flannel
Ritual De Los Goblins

So, this fellah Chris Bridge began making music as Virtual Flannel (a.k.a. ᏉᎥᏒᏆuᎪᏞ fᏞᎪᏁᏁᎬᏞ) when he purchased an OP-1 Synthesizer. Developing his own sounds using this instrument stirred his musical inspiration, and the boii went mad with beats. Warped with his love for “that raw dirty lo-fi tape culture,” he began to put forth his first collection of jams on cassette. Recently, he hooked up with Noorden through his deep pal Yellow Tangerine (on the mix) while he was curating the Rumble When Bumble, an all OP-1 compilation. After seeing all their limited art, Chris sent them his demo, which was turned into his first Self-Titled CD-R and art pack. It was released in a limited amount of 50, but the second edition is on its way. He’s also now working on the follow up to the Self-Titled art pack coming out soon on cassette. For a tad more info on the fellah, scope this interview.

Aside from Chris’ rundown as a musician, he provided us with a bunch of new beat tracks to wobble your head to on this FriFri. I’d suggest following the peeps on this mix, both recognizable musicians and the unheard. He even included himself, which is a bold move, but believe me-him-you, it fits right in there. Ain’t no left about it, if you’re feeling the flow, use your words. Maybe we got a new based rapper on our hands in you. Feel the lax and chill with a cooler. Snag a slice and work them feet. If you driving: SWERVE. It’s a mad world, Friday fans. Let’s keep the peace!

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[00:00] 22 Pound Cat - “Art Mission 9”
[00:51] u n s i g n e d - “cassettemud”
[03:16] chunli & hikari - “Sometimes I Sleep”
[04:51] PoptartPete - “Over Exhausted”
[07:08] Dink - “Manage It Management”
[08:39] Tuamie - “Mental Erosian”
[10:02] AdamBomb - “Ritual De Los Goblins”
[11:54] SamWinters - “Polygon”
[13:05] Option Command - “Windmills”
[15:56] Yellow Tangerine - “Springonjupiter”
[17:49] Jogging House - “My This, My That”
[19:43] Basketball Camp - “Court Vision”
[23:43] Duke Slammer - “Pixel Melody”
[26:42] Virtual Flannel - “1 4 U”
[30:15] Worpo - “When You’re Alone”
[33:05] robertsduvall (dtcpu & barefoot shrubs) - “tape hiccup”
[36:00] Matthewdavid + Anenon - “slowtapeedit”
[39:35] The Marx Trukker - “Bon Temps”
[42:07] Trance Farmers - “When The Right Time Comes”

• Virtual Flannel:

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