♫♪  ヾgalen tiptonヾ - ”( ᐛ )و sculpt( ᐛ )و”

“( ᐛ )و sculpt ( ᐛ )و” is aptly titled. Peppered with proletarian percussion and vaseline-slicked, sparkling vapor-jazz melodies, ヾgalen tiptonヾ’s latest soundcape is a utopian vision of labor in a digital world — call it twee-brutalism. It’s the field recorded sound of arranging gyroids in your Animal Crossing living room, crafting armor in an MMORPG, or smearing virtual ink across the canvas of Kid Pix Studio Deluxe. Earthy snare drums and hamster-squeaks escape from this dust-cloud of abstract activity, as if Tipton employed the taskforce of rodents plastered across the homepage of hampsterdance.com to build a bubblegum-bass tune from wood planks and nails.

This is a song under construction. It’s up to you to put your ears to the grindstone and finish the job.

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