♫♪  Tabs Out: Laser Focus #16 - Angel Marcloid (Fire-Toolz, Rainbow Bridge)

Tabs Out is an all-cassette podcast that’s been documenting the prolific tape underground with obsession, humor, and expertise since 2012. Tiny Mix Tapes has teamed with Tabs Out for a show called Laser Focus, in which tape aficionados/fetishists Mike Haley, Dave Doyen, and Joe B hone in on a specific label or artist. Check out the archive here.

“Angel is one of the most prolific and confounding musicians out there. There’s the obvious aspect to that, with Angel putting out a blinding number of tape releases under tons of personas (don’t make me copy and paste info you can find on the Pregnant Spore Discogs page) and running the formerly torrential Rainbow Bridge label. By the way, did you know that the rainbow bridge is what pets cross to get to heaven when they die or some shit? What I find magnificent about Angel is a mastery displayed of soundmatter that the world at large considers trash: vaporwave, jazz fusion chords, pedal noise, screamo, an audiobook of The Perfect Storm. So, that brings us to the Fire-Toolz project, which spent some time as a nu-metal-/vaporwave-sounding thing with crazy video projections of manipulated CG trash, and has slowly oozed into new-age-plust-PTSD-screams territory. No matter what it sounds like, you hope that Fire-Toolz is the project that blows Angel up since the compositions are masterful and the zones so rarefied. Anyway, catch Angel vaping hash oil and ask her about her Rush tattoo before she gets those big industry dollars and disappears into Topanga Canyon like the freaks of yore.” — Mike Sugarman

We spoke with Angel via the internet and talked about the internet, weed, cat food, and a few tapes. This interview features snippets from the following:

- Justin Marc Lloyd - split w/ Collapsed Arc (Rainbow Bridge)
- Sensible Nectar - Minor Devil (2:00AM Tapes)
- Fire-Toolz - Drip Mental (Hausu Mountain)
- Copkiller - split w/ Cops (A Soundesign Recording)
- JML - Has Been Remixed by Developer (Rainbow Bridge)
- Angel Marcloid - In ☯rder F☯r Accessing The C☯re (Lurker Bias)

Cover art for Fire-Toolz’s Drip Mental on Hausu Mountain
Cover art for Pregnant Spore’s Journey To 0​.​004 Rendering #2 on Rainbow Bridge

Angel Marcloid

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