♫♪  18+ - “Drama (C Powers Remix)”

Following the Babyfather “Meditation Mix VIP” drop of 18+’s “Drama,” Houndstooth continues their EXTRA vibe with a new C Powers remix of the track. As the U.S. producer has been in close collaboration with 18+ on both of their studio albums, Trust and Collect, C Powers was comfortable mentioning, “I feel like this remix is a piece of gritty American club music that might actually be allowed entry to Berghain without flashy friends.” And that strikes the same chord I enjoy while listening to 18+ and modern club: that 18+ chill-out feel that’s equally calloused as it is emotional, followed by that sway-no-sweat club love I’m enjoying from producers such as C Powers, J. Albert, and Marquis Hawkes.

Mostly, I’m stoked about the longevity 18+ has preserved throughout the years, from my nonsense writing about their hyper-virtual videos, witnessing their first show in NYC, experiencing their “public” “reveal,” and inevitable gain in popularity with both European and American audiences. Now all we need is a NON or Principe or N.A.A.F.I remix for 18+ to start covering some southern hemisphere vibes. But in the meantime, click here to purchase the digital of “Drama (C Powers Remix), because you’ve only a limited number of listens streaming below:

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