18+’s Justin Swinburne goes solo as jj18, announces debut mixtape with accompanying 48-minute visual

18+'s Justin Swinburne goes solo as jj18, announces debut mixtape with accompanying 48-minute visual

The provocative, hyperreal duo that is 18+ has been one of TMT’s favorites since 2012, so it is with considerable excitement to see Justin Swinburne now going at it solo. Under the moniker jj18, the L.A.-born, Berlin-based artist has prepped a 14-track mixtape titled jj’s prayer. The tape sees Swinburne attempting to piece together his “own narrative of identity in an increasingly fragmented world,” with themes revolving around disaster fantasy, trauma, divorce, codependency, avatars, smoke, and more.

In addition to the music itself, jj18 will release an accompanying 48-minute visual upon the mixtape’s drop, which is thrilling news for those familiar with 18+’s stunning videos. “To me a track is only complete once I’ve paired it with a visual,” says Swinburne. “The way the two activate each other gives me a buzz, and it’s the high I’m chasing every day.”

To get a taste, check out the pseudo-apocalyptic video for “better days” below. As Swinburne explains, more generally, about the visuals: “It’s autobiographical, but uses the world around me to express my interior. In a broad sense, the full piece goes back and forth between: look at me, now look at what I see. An overflow of data and signifiers. Using the external to express the internal.”

jj’s prayer is out March 23 digitally and on CD in a grip bag via Houndstooth. Pre-order here.

jj’s prayer tracklist:

01. terrible
02. a cold
03. here w u
04. known
05. game1
06. no
07. bb idk
08. better days
09. scream
10. no kings
11. mirror
12. lay
13. game2
14. late

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