♫♪  A Sunny Day in Glasgow - “Saturn Pulls Me Apart (Death Of The Unconquerable Night)”

Few nights ago, we had some heavy snow on the tip of west— North Shore Long Island, and me and the kid downstairs took care of most of our lawn by making Bien, our snowman house-protector. As the little fellah began swaying from getting wasted tired rolling around in the snow, he slumped atop Bien’s head-snow pile as I was compiling the mid-body, and he was trying to give me directions in Hebrew. Obviously, I didn’t understand. Then, in his tired stooper, he tried giving me directions in Spanish; this kid will inevitably be smarter than me, as he’s beginning his life trilingual. I never took Spanish, so again: I didn’t understand, and punked him out by just staring at him. When my fiancée rolled up, all she saw was this kid tryna sleep-wrestle me while I was putting on the finishing touches of Bien’s face, and A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s “Saturn Pulls Me Apart (Death Of The Unconquerable Night)” is blaring out my car window (for the 30th time, little did she know). Thus concluding my first TRUE seasonal moment.

What made that moment happen for my neighborhood was Geographic North, who’s is really stepping up their game with this new A Sunny Day in Glasgow tape. Which, A Sunnday Day in Glasgow (TMT 2014 favz: interview and review) is ALSO stepping up their bravery by sleighing a new Christmas classic: “Saturn Pulls Me Apart (Death Of The Unconquerable Night).” Now, I believe in American Christmas and Mariah Carey Christmas, but now I’m thinking of swaying my beliefs toward BobbyP and Scotland (Philadelphia, th’oh?) Christmas, as well! Proof is in the details, really.

Details: Geographic North just released A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s
Sketch for Winter I: New Christmas Classics on black liquorice tape (limited to 300) for only FIVE BUCKS (minus shipping), including three other tracks. Listen to “Saturn Pulls Me Apart (Death Of The Unconquerable Night)” streaming below RIGHT NOW:

• A Sunny Day in Glasgow: http://asunnydayinglasgow.com
• Geographic North: http://geographic-north.com

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