A Sunny Day in Glasgow announce sunny December tour dates and sunny new music video in warm soothing tones

A Sunny Day in Glasgow announce sunny December tour dates and sunny new music video in warm soothing tones

Hell. To. The. Yeah, reader. Don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but there’s definitely nothing like shitty, raw, balls-cold winters on the East Coast of the US to make a fat lonely music fan like me want to instinctively binge on some good cocoony, shoegazey dream pop. And let’s face it; sometimes My Bloody Valentine just isn’t… I don’t know, simultaneously-EMO enough. Luckily, that’s exactly where A Sunny Day in Glasgow come into the picture.

Having released their newest album, Sea When Absent earlier this year, the band has been cruising around spreading the gospel of reverb all summer. And now they’ve gone and announced another little run of East Coast tour dates this December! I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to cry and dance and bliss-out and hate myself all at once while I freeze my fat ass off in one of these cities on the darkest, shortest days of the year!

But since you just can’t tour on nothing, the band has also manage to concoct the most minuscule reason possible to pack up the tour van and hit the black ice. It’s a new video for the tune “Double Dutch,” which features some scrawny feet kinda-sorta double-dutching for the track’s equally scrawny 1:13 runtime and was made by the band’s own Jen Goma with producer Luisa Conlon (the pair had previously made a “series of shorts documenting food-workers in NYC” together called The Working Life). “[Double Dutch] was always one of my favorite songs on the album” says Goma. “I wanted it to be a single but, everyone said we couldn’t have a one minute single. So now we have a single, one minute video instead.”

Yup. A one minute video. Sure, it seems like kind of a flimsy thing on which to be touring the US in the dead of winter, I guess. But then again, probably no more flimsy than all this nonsense I just wrote for you. Heck, I’m not even actually fat in real life.

A Sunny Day in Glasgow dates:

12.27.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Rough Trade
12.28.14 - Boston, MA - Great Scott
12.30.14 - Washington, DC - DC9
12.31.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Boot & Saddle

• A Sunny Day in Glasgow: http://asunnydayinglasgow.com
• Lefse: http://www.lefserecords.com

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