♫♪  Alpha Strategy - “Grasshopper”

First look, that’s a lot of eggs. I take another look. That is a lot of eggs. Just what in the world are these grown men with grocery bags on their heads doing with all of those eggs?

And it’s not just the eggs, young grasshopper. These Toronto Jim-Dandies are getting into all sorts of mischief: porcelain breakdown, cabinet diving, hobo weenie roast, horse hypnosis, pineapple surprise. Somebody get someone a guitar and a rock club. ‘Cause idle hands…

All those eggs, they’ll vigor you up, work their magic. Whether the eggs are working their magic or not, Alpha Strategy are indeed working theirs, working in the noise rock sound, a sound that is tradition, a tradition still oiled raring and vigored up, having lost none of its drive over the years, having lost none of its drive, especially, in the hands of Alpha Strategy, who’ll wrassle the devil out of you without missing a beat.

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