♫♪  Astral Swans - “Controls”

The moment you’re pleasantly settled into the smoke-curling groove of Astral Swans “Controls” - then realize the song is about a plane crash. Faultless rock & roll haunted by an aviation disaster context is cause to rate “Controls” high on the Buddy Holly Scale. But we’re ok, it’s a crash-as-metaphor.

Matthew Swann — the Calgary musician behind Astral Swans — explains: “The song uses imagery from a horrific plane crash that I read about and was greatly disturbed by in my childhood as a metaphor for ongoing familial tragedy. The song is about being confined to a scenario that has stripped you of all your options.”

The track comes from Astral Swans’ second album, Strange Prison, out May 18th. The new material retains the melodic introspection of debut All My Favorite Singer are Willie Nelson, while crafting a more electric and eclectic production style. Guests include Tigerwing, Scott Munro (Preoccupations), and Dan Gaucher (Destroyer).

Tigerwing also created computer animations for the iridescent “Controls” video - premiering above - which transmutes aircraft debris into warped stones and melted geo-forms spooling through some liquid corner of the far-flung universe.

Pre-order that Strange Prison and catch Astral Swans at an upcoming date in Canada or Japan. Fly, if you must.

Astral Swans tour dates

05.17.18 - Calgary, AB - Broken City (LP Release)
05.19.18 - Lethbridge, AB - The Owl
05.25.18 - Matsumoto, Japan - Give Me Little More
05.28.18 - Kochi, Japan - Chaotic Noise
05.29.18 - Omiya, Japan - Hisomine
05.30.18 - Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan - Tsutaya O-Nest
05.31.18 - Nagoya, Japan - k.d.japon
06.01.18 - Osaka, Japan - Chika Ikkai
06.02.18 - Hiroshima, Japan - Space 092 Banquet
06.03.18 - Kagurazaka, Tokyo, Japan - Kagurane
06.04.18 - Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan - Home
06.09.18 - Vancouver, BC - Massey Books (Solo)
06.16.18 - Turner Valley, BC - Eau Claire Distillery

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