♫♪  Astral Swans - “You Carry A Sickness”

Yo, so I realize this video is nearly a year old, but swooner Astral Swans JUST popped out a 7-inch last month, and I don’t want y’all to miss out. Actually, one side of that tiny piece of joy includes the fellah’s “You Carry A Sickness” ditty, that was passed along to me by my good pal Barnaby. And shit is cute too. I mean, ironically of course. The video is dopely fucked visually. But the track is pleasant in an ignorant way. Like, if you were to just hear it in passing, it’d sound like a sentimental bit of sound taking it’s sweet time singing. Then that line “Terrible power” rings out, your thoughts started heading in all directions, and the life of Astral Swans’ “You Carry A Sickness” begins to grow inside minds everywhere.

Scope the sister label of Arts & Crafts called Madic Records TODAY for your new copy of the beautifully devastating 7-inch by Astral Swans.

• Astral Swans: https://www.facebook.com/AstralSwans
• Madic Records: http://www.madicrecords.com

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