“Amor Buscador”

Earlier this year, London producer AyGeeTee (also known as Actress Pets) released his third album, Fools. Featuring 17 tracks of diverse electronic beat permutations, the album has thrived on the contrast between its murky ambient tones and its crisp rhythmic interplay, a sort of lush, exquisite blanket of sound continually punctuated by dry, skittering beats, the sole reminder here that time is indeed passing. It’s electronic dance, essentially, cerebral and full-bodied, transient yet everlasting, “of its time” yet uprooted from any obvious geography.

“Amor Buscador” is, in my opinion, the album’s standout track. Not only is the beat at just the right tempo to push the song along without getting shit too hyped, but the ambient sounds are the primary focus here, their reverberations, delays, and overlapping tonal patterns obscuring the rhythm and producing a sense of being perpetually out of time, out of sync. Might seem like an aesthetic conflict on paper, but the actual music sounds harmonious, contrasted here a little by the video’s imagery of dated tech commercials, trippy Disney animations, and old race footage slowed to a crawl. There’s a disconnect somewhere here, but it’s often the disconnects that lead to unexpected connections. Check it out here:

Fools is out now on AMDISCS, which is gearing up for its second SOFT FREQUENCY event. More details coming soon.

• AyGeeTee: https://soundcloud.com/agt01
• AMDISCS: http://www.amdiscs.com

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