♫♪  AyGeeTee x Kinlaw - Raise Water €₱

Artwork by Killian Loddo and K-Ro

Approaching the haunted is something everyone takes with a bit of curiosity, but an immense amount of fear. Everything is needed to be proven, and the reluctance of this proof is relatable to vibration in the knees. But leave it to the French label Permalnk to seek out the collaboration between two deep necromancers, AyGeeTee x Kinlaw.

Out December 8 is Raise Water €₱ by audible spirit alchemists, AyGeeTee x Kinlaw. And it’s nothing short of breath taking. I shit you not, Raise Water €₱ hypnotized me during work today, and I awoke as the new owner of — not only the company I work(ed) for, but — the building in which I spend 9AM to 5:30PM Monday through Friday, each week. No idea what to do now.

Actually, that’s not true. Now, I’m going to play my music EVERYWHERE throughout the building. Starting with Raise Water €₱. Maybe just the remixes on repeat, including heavy hitters like Fauna, Karmelloz, Jono Mi Lo, and Samuelspaniel. So, when people seem me struttin’ ‘round RXR Plaza, Ima nod, greet politely, and assure with a “You’re Welcome” while pointing to my ears.

You’re welcome:

• AyGeeTee: https://soundcloud.com/agt01
• Kinlaw: https://soundcloud.com/kinlaw
• Permalnk: http://permalnk.com

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