♫♪  Babe, Terror - “South”

New album Ancient M’ocean — out January 27 (Pre-Order HERE) — by Brazilian artist Babe, Terror is the perfect cross between William Basinski, The Caretaker, and L. Pierre. Focusing on the second single “South,” following the first, “Windsurf For Souls II,” Babe, Terror manages to linger on slumped piano keys that drag to the beat of a torn needle spinning some warped vinyl on an infinity plate, while harmonizing moans deteriorate with tone. It’s almost magic until you realize the song has been on repeat for 20 minutes, revealing a symphony in layers almost composed for recycled listens late at night, watching the sun set fire to the sky, gently.

Label information below:

Limited to 300 physical copies the album comes packed inside a comic conceptualised by Babe, Terror himself, and beautifully realized in tender illustrated form by Michael Crook, chronicling just a small part of “a community of souls… an incorruptible interconnection that binds us together as a whole.”

The 20 page comic concerning an understated sci-fi romance taking place in a world adjacent and just out of reach of our own, collects stories of ancient customs and traditions, submerged but sharing the same sun, moon and energy.

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