♫♪  Babe, Terror - “Starhazel IV”

Babe, Terror got the scratch with Fadechase Marathon you been waiting years to itch. Nothing short of noise and beat-tape, ambient loops that shimmer in their own filth. Like a file saved so deep in a system that the only way to decode it is go completely insane. Being awake for days. Giggling to yourself in other selves across multidimensional selves, ending up here. With hair now and older. Feeling slightly disappointed, but keeping it together. Looking out the window from night into daytime, shit. Having ceremonies in the dark. Seance, oof. Reading things that shouldn’t make sense in English, but terrify you all the same. Encrypted by the best, Glue Moon brings to you Babe, Terror’s dying sunset against the urban skyline, Fadechase Marathon:

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