♫♪  Barleaux - w y l d d e s ! r e

Latest LP w y l d d e s ! r e by L.A. artist Barleaux (a.k.a. Hillary Richmond) arrived today from Afternoons Modeling HQ in a beat-up duffel bag stitched together by off-colored thread and greyhound bag tags. Written, mixed, and produced from Lakeville, Conn. to Echo Park in Los Angeles, from Hollywood, Calif. back to Allston, Mass. – w y l d d e s ! r e’s cover was snapped in Nashville – this album saw more of America than most all Americans. But for all the mileage put in by Barleaux personally seeing the album as a mixtape of sort, the scope of w y l d d e s ! r e is decisive. And how w y l d d e s ! r e fits into the roster of Jónó Mí Ló/post-bae savant’s Afternoons Modeling is equally engrossing. The soft trap of @dead_bae or Baby Blue’s futurism aren’t snuck inside, but the open highway, lossless confidence in w y l d d e s ! r e could end up on the same road trip film roll as Wakesleep or performing in the bellow of Dream Castle. Tracks that got us here like the red-lipped, fuck-you-I-don’t-need-you “fire” or the “I’m alive and the sun is out” cheer of “say goodbye,” are more sonically pleasing and written solid than anything on the nob. That’s leaving out the half dozen songs that are premiering in the stream below like “game, boi” and “idle sun” (personal favs). For w y l d d e s ! r e and Barleaux’s transcontinental visits, the culmination of what’s underneath is melting.

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