♫♪  Beat Detectives - “Napolean Hat”

Damn, the cracked Minneapolis power dance trio Beat Detectives are killing it with this new jam, “Napolean Hat.” This latest taste from their debut LP Climate Change is as slick and fresh as their previous globe-trotting cassettes on 100% Silk, Night People, Moon Glyph, and 1080p. So, it’s no surprise to learn that the Beat Detectives crew have played a part in some of Minneapolis’ tightest music and — in the case of BD singer Oakley Tapola — have done the artwork on a number of dope releases by Food Pyramid to Dreamweapon and Daughters of the Sun. Check out another track from the LP, “Somethin’s Ripping,” here, and get fucking hyped up on these tracks.

Climate Change is real. It’s gonna be here soon (late June, last I checked). And it’s gonna change the way you party down. Pop “Napolean Hat” by Beat Detectives below and shift along:

• Beat Detectives: https://soundcloud.com/beat-detectives
• Not Not Fun: www.notnotfun.com

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