♫♪  Beat Detectives - “Skoal Ripper” / Heavy Traffic [preview(s)]

Since the split of everything I ever loved, I’m always in debt and gratitude of what comes second-best. Dunno if TMT gets any Netflix money, but if you watched the recent Stranger Things it’s basically Twin Peaks went member-berries for Goonies with a touch of MMORPG. We’re all involved. Something keeps walking around in my apartment. Happy Birthday! Happy Halloween: Beat Detectives is pure litany. Watch this audio of their newest miss-cassette: No Dogs No Masters Mix [NOTE: not actually on cassette; not actually joke].

Adam and Sam are coming into NYC soon. And they should totally suck in “Skoal Ripper” live-of be-had AD-LIB this Nov. 4 with Blazer Sound System at 96 Morgan. It’s $10 and Tender Meat is opening. “2017[!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111222twoo]” #information

My favorite part of this premiere for Beat Detectives’ Heavy Traffic is how future the date/presentation of age pin-points these videos already having been made/released in December 2016. Fucking dashes and mountains, what? WHYYYYYYY??????!!!

Then, you know. Start a label. Marcel is starting a label, like. Why not invest? Foolishness and an actual plan is Einstein. The bride. And I broke my iron on Thursday. Let me be, please. Beat Climate on the rise. We’re heating up..

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