♫♪  Ben Seretan - “Blues for Ian M. Colletti”

Brooklyn-based songwriter and “long music” improvateur Ben Seretan, who recently organized and played at Silent Barn’s week of predawn performances, brings us a new one from his forthcoming album, slated for next year. Seretan just released some 60 minutes of glacial guitar ambient from Alaska on Standard Issue Press, but “Blues for Ian M. Colletti” reflects his songwriterly side. Flush with a backing band of cello, percussive rattling, flugelhorn, and female vocal foils, the typically solitary guitarist sings and fingerpicks his way through an ode to waking up not alone. Seretan wrote it in the basement of Vaudeville Park, the much-missed BK venue raised by Colletti and felled by “rent and bad neighbors.” Currently, you can hear him as he’s touring the East Coast with the Portland band Alameda, the dates for which can be found here.

• Ben Seretan: http://www.benseretan.com

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