♫♪  Benjamin Finger - “Distance of a Shadow (Ghostflowers)”

Benjamin Finger is back with another maze-quest of sound/visual adventure in “Distance of a Shadow (Ghostflowers).” Off the new Oak Editions release of Ghost Figures, “Distance of a Shadow (Ghostflowers)” is just a taste of his latest kaleidoscopic sound scapes that graze listeners’ nodes like wind against a field of [natural]. But it is even? Natural.

Shot on Super 8 and filmed on location in Oakland and San Francisco in 2015 by Benjamin Finger, “Distance of a Shadow (Ghostflowers)” is heard, said, shared, fled, blessed, etc. A tumbling of sorts that ends in a twister of processed easy. Like getting caught chewing a lot of gum at the wrong time, but continuing to chew the fat if it takes all the cells you got:

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