♫♪  Biosexual - “Sleigher”

As a music lover, maker, and follower during the past half-decade or so, it’s hard to think of a track I was more willing to get behind than “Sleigher” by Biosexual. The tune is far from new. I first mentioned it damn near two years ago, and I’m 128% more than willing to write about it yet again, here now. Some of you heard it way back then. Some of you heard it on Biosexual’s digital EP. Many more of you will hear it here for the first time, because this is a video, and we were given the gracious opportunity to premiere it. And visuals are so, so helpful, aren’t they?

This one is about our generation’s dependence on decadence, our willingness and eagerness to indulge in the unnecessary but oh-so sensory-pleasing pleasures, namely weed, wine, hamburgers, stuffed animals, and dead cats with ketchup. All things I didn’t realize I needed more of until I watched this thing ten times in a row. But to hear Zachary Nelson croon about forgetting what assholes like me have to say about his music, and instead stuffing his face with junk food and rollerblading… that’s the important thing, and somehow it’s all magically put into perspective now two years after the fact.

Nelson joins the ravishing Jocelyn Noir of Alak and Michael RJ Saalman of his own bad self in the band, and “Sleigher,” among other things, is a part of Biosexual’s brilliant, sorely overlooked debut long-player, The Window Wants the Bedroom, out the latter part of last year on Debacle Records. You’ll find in it on a vinyl record tucked away inside a gorgeous sleeve with strike-through gloss varnish typeface, buy the way. Not too shabby.

• Biosexual: http://biosexual.bandcamp.com
• Debacle Records: http://debaclerecords.com

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