♫♪  Bonnie Baxter - AXIS

Alright, let’s begin with why you’re looking at this page. Just to like, you know, get a sense of where you are. After all—it’s good to be aware of what led you to the now, wherever you are. But this is less about the where than the why.

Allow me to offer up a few guesses:

Obviously, you might be a fan of Brooklyn’s Bonnie Baxter, multi-instrumentalist and multi-talented producer. Maybe you’ve been to one of her shows, are familiar with her past work (i.e. her solo debut Ask Me How Satan Started, or the band she’s in, Kill Alters), or you’ve heard that she has this nifty new album AXIS coming out.

Or maybe a link to this article popped up on your feed or maybe you follow TMT’s Chocolate Grinder with the undying loyalty of a Phish fan. Or maybe you’re just a casual reader, or maybe you just ended up here by accident and you can’t look away because you’re so confused and aghast by all this “journalism.”

Or maybe you’re just annoyed because you’ve read this far and I haven’t really gotten down to the nitty-gritty yet: this wonderful new AXIS joint! It’s noisy, it’s loud, it’s jittery, it’s sparkly, it’s out FRIDAY via a TMT-fave label, Hausu Mountain! We’ve got a doubled-up post of the WHOLE THING below (AGAIN)!!!!

Here is a series of gifs that mostly closely capture what I feel listening to this:

Woo-hoo! Stream below and order here!!

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