♫♪  Carla Bozulich - Quieter

How much can we sing the praises of Carla Bozulich? As much as it takes to make sure every single person who reads this plus two of their relatives get up to speed! Bozulich’s decades-spanning career has produced a diverse and enviable oeuvre, which includes stirring performances and productions, impassioned writing, and clangorous sound art. The maverick songsmith will release her new album Quieter this Friday (May 11) on Constellation, but we have the FULL ALBUM STREAM for you TODAY!

Bozulich has built her reputation by celebrating everything non-traditional for years, often to gloriously resolute and raucous effect, but on Quieter, she lets her mastery of delicate intimacy shine as she taps into an eternal, cold 2am mood that few can. Featuring a crew of tremendously talented co-conspirators (Marc Ribot, Noveller’s Sarah Lipstate, Freddy Ruppert, Jessica Catron, Jhno, Shahzad Ismaily, Francesco Guerri, Andrea Belfi, and Ches Smith), Quieter is, remarkably, a collection of song foundlings recorded by Bozulich over the years and revisited for this album. Stray tracks or not, Quieter was carefully culled with Bozulich’s recent health and “life on the road” contemplations in mind, and mixed with common Carla touchstones of hurt, loss, and anger in excelsis.

Hear Bozulich in all her relatively quiet glory below with the full album stream of Quieter. The digital and 180g LP can be pre-ordered here.

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