♫♪  Carter Tanton - “Jettison The Valley ft. Marissa Nadler”

Out today on LP and CD from Western Vinyl is the new album, Jettison the Valley from the multi-talented, Carter Tanton. With two songs featuring Sharon Van Etten — one entitled “Twentynine Palms” having already been released — Tanton comes at listeners with harmonies harkening against the exquisite voice of Marissa Nadler. Swelling with a steady beat and revealing instrumentals, their vocals blend like a braid of hair that you don’t want to end. Perfection in guitar picking. A buzzing that backgrounds their dessert. Beauty only a pair of master singers can behold. And a whirlwind of adventure that’ll be as noon-time energetic as it is a peaceful whisk when one tries to sleep, encompassing the ups and downs of life. “Jettison the Valley” is undoubtedly a title track that only comes with a perfect mind for music. Carter Tanton isn’t making a living on music. Carter Tanton is creating a life within it. So head on over to Western Vinyl today, and grip a copy of Jettison the Valley to waste away within the flux of weather spiraling Earth from season to moon to wave to mind. Enjoy!

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