♫♪  Cemetery - “Cosmo (Ex Continent Remix)”

Tokyo’s Cemetery follows their recent release, Vessels, on Sacred Phases with a wistful new cassette, excoriation (瘢痕), out today on David M. Romero’s ever-exploratory publishing project angoisse.

Ruminative ambient pads surge through these tracks, up my chest, open me fully like the cool mouth of a clear pond. Other droopy textures, wet moods, blown selves drop in from what feels like far off to lend their secrets to the story, sounding hopefulness, like the kind I used to feel by way of Balam Acab and Holy Other; the kind I still feel when listening to someone like Y.Ohashi, or after re-reading “At North Farm” for the millionth time.

The thing he has for you, and that we’re happy to premiere here, is a wonderfully affected remix of one of the tape’s tracks, “Cosmo,” by anòmia head Ex Continent. Opening steps pluck at heart, pull it up, send me into ecstasy even when he’s also telling me that everything is crashing all around. Once it all inevitably falls, fall with it, float really, in a state of saddened bliss, on back, towards redemptive newnesses, watching what passes at furious speeds move ever away from me.

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