♫♪  Cemetery - Vessels

Imagine the ocean as one giant graveyard. At the bottom. No doubt some of the most “extra terrestrial” stuff could be dug up there. But when? And how? We all want a piece of that mystery, but artifacts may not arrive during human existence. So what better way to depict the liveliness of under-ocean atmosphere of sounds with Vessels. Shoots of echos sullenly ring out through vibrant, dank spurts. Communications of wild forces, naturally concurring, attacking, guiding, sheltering, defending community of Sacred Phrases mustering about a trickling, vertebral pause. To question the mark that once stood alive and bustling below land. In the distance below. Now Cemetery to eventually be complete in Vessels of time.

Vessels is the new cassette/digital release by Cemetery on Sacred Phrases for sale NOW, and entirely streamable below:

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